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The AutoSense Mobile Bus Simulator gives you the unique opportunity to evaluate your drivers full driving competency in just thirty minutes. Minimising business interruption while providing safety compliance training.

Evaluations are based on the SAFED style and are customised to suit your company’s common driving situations. Driver awareness levels, responses to failures, emergency situations and fuel efficiency are assessed and reported. This provides a clear path towards safe, efficient, low risk and fuel efficient driving practices throughout your fleet.


This evaluation is a valuable tool in ensuring your drivers are both fuel efficient and follow safe driving practices. 

What’s involved

  • A thirty minute simulator practical assessment. 

  • A company risk profile provide for fleets including corrective actions. 

  • Assists you to meet new workplace safety regulations including director’s duty of care. 

  • Simulator comes to your town or your business. 

Businesses can book in for a full day (up to 12 drivers), or we can work with you to organise individual driver training. 

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What you’ll get out of it

  • Vehicle Health & Safety compliance process

  • Company risk profile is provided for fleets.

  • Driver fuel efficiency rating.

  • Lower crash rates and driver risk.

  • Reduced running costs.

  • Reduced maintenance costs.

  • Minimised insurance premiums.

  • Actively engaged staff in the vehicle Health and Safety.


What it costs

Costs are specific to the customers’ needs and we will work with you on this. A standard one-day evaluation (up to 12 drivers) costs $2,500.

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