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Our Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Programme has been designed in conjunction with New Zealand’s top experts in driver safety and EV vehicle operation and charging.

The course is designed to introduce drivers of all experience levels and abilities to the unique features of EV’s. It also refreshes their knowledge of the key safety and risk factors of driving a vehicle on New Zealand roads. Practical training is completed in your specific company vehicle model(s).

What's involved

1.  20 minute EV online module (completed prior to the face-to-face session).

2.  20 minute group discussion covering: 

  • Technology In EV’s 

  • EV operating safety 

  • Charging, charging stations and charging safety.

3.  20 minute practical EV Familiarisation session 

  • TWIRL (Tyres, Windscreen, Indicators/Lenses, Rumple and Rust, Panels, Lights and Mirrors) 

  • Vehicle fit 

  • In-vehicle familiarisation and technology 

  • Practical charging and safety.

4.  60 minute session, with each driver completing a 20 minute test drive and EV technology coaching. 

Groups of three at a time - from a company one at a time 

What will you get out of the programme? 

  • Understanding of electric vehicles and how they work 

  • A report including feedback on areas of risk and how to reduce them. 

  • Increased awareness of correct driving practices. 

  • A certificate of completion for each driver. 

  • Confidence and skill to handle an electric vehicle. 

  • Less down time on the job, given the up-to-date knowledge, increased skill awareness and experience. 

  • Assists you to meet workplace safety regulations including Director’s duty of care. 

  • Engages staff in the vehicle health and safety process. 

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