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Taking driving training off road

With over a third of Transpower’s 90-strong vehicle fleet consisting of 4WD utes, upskilling its drivers’ all-terrain skills was a priority for the national electricity transmission infrastructure company.

“To ensure our staff were adequately trained, we incorporated Autosense’s practical 4WD Familiarisation programme into our training suite,” says Transpower NZ Workplace and Facilities Manager Richard McKeogh.


“The course is specifically designed for employees who drive a 4WD vehicle for work. It’s highly valuable to be out with an instructor who can demonstrate the capability of the vehicle and its safety features. It’s about making good decisions should things arise while driving and knowing how to trust your vehicle, especially if you’re on rough or steep terrain.


“It’s been very powerful, and we’ve had really positive feedback from staff.”


The 4WD specialist training module is a full-day course that explores driver awareness levels, responses to failures, emergency situations and fuel efficiencies. Autosense Chief Operating Officer Sean Campbell says the module provides a clear path towards safe, efficient and low-risk driving practices in a 4WD environment.


“As well as coaching, the instructors will give feedback on potential risk areas and how to reduce them. It also assists businesses to meet new workplace safety regulations, including directors’ Duty of Care,” adds Sean.

If we can save one life because of better driving skills learned in the simulator, we’ve achieved something. The driver is the key element in the truck – it doesn’t matter how much technology the trucks have, it’s the driver who is ultimately in charge.

Colin Unsworth, Training Manager, KPH Transport

“Transpower has an exceptionally good health and safety culture. By utilising our programmes, the company is developing their people’s competency, which is important, especially if there are any incidents. And we are well resourced to handle large numbers of staff as proven by the success of Transpower’s programmes. We’re not teaching people to drive, we’re training them to make good decisions and mitigate risks that might arise while behind the wheel, which keeps the business and its people safer. It’s a win-win.”

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