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Greg Murphy partners with AutoSense to combat driver distraction and fatigue

Greg Murphy – former professional racing car driver and now road safety advocate has partnered with AutoSense in an effort to promote road safety with a particular focus on distraction and fatigue.

AutoSense aims to improve safety on New Zealand roads, through driver training programmes and technology to Heavy and Light vehicle commercial fleets.

Charles Dawson, AutoSense CEO says “With Murph’s background in professional racing, he’s the perfect person to help promote our road safety messages and solutions for improved driver safety. We’re excited to be working with Murph to increase awareness that distraction and fatigue play a major part in road incidents and also to promote the solutions AutoSense has, that can help reduce risks while driving and keep all drivers safer on New Zealand roads.

Murphy says “I’m passionate about road safety, and I think we are all aware there have been too many deaths on our roads lately. Teaming up with AutoSense gives us an opportunity to help increase awareness of driver distraction and fatigue – two of the key factors in road accidents.

The solutions AutoSense offers have a real impact on driver safety – which should be at the heart of all transport businesses. Their online driver training, in cab simulator training and the cutting edge Seeing Machines Guardian technology offers a total driver safety package with a key focus on

distraction and fatigue.

I’m looking forward to working with AutoSense – and helping keep drivers safer on our roads.”

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