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Our e-learning modules are created to assist you in inducting, training or educating your employees on any subject you can imagine. 

Modules are simple, concise and will dramatically reduce downtime away from the job for learning. They are interactive, and a complete record of learning is automatically kept all within your own learning management system.


All the modules can either drop directly into your existing Learning Management System (LMS) or we can create a LMS solution specifically for your business: 

Use your own LMS
AutoSense assists to load modules and guide the process for launching and reporting of completion results.

Autosense Dochebo
AutoSense sets up your employees on our LMS system and will manage the implementation process for you; an end-to-end solution.

All results are recorded and stored in your LMS.

The process

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We work with you to scope the project, understand your needs and learning objectives.

Initial costings

An estimate based on the initial scope is provided.

A concept approach together with contentdetails are presentedand approved.

A quote is provided based on directionfrom the concept.

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Final sign off

We assistyou to testthe moduleswith a smallgroup in your environment.

Module build
Modules are builtand go through our internal approvals and quality assurance.

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