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Greg Murphy launches new transport podcast – The Depot

Transport is the backbone of the country, and with so much going on there isn’t a lot of time for businesses to share knowledge, successes, stories or just chew the fat. So, the good people at AutoSense created The Depot – a podcast hosted by Greg Murphy, who will talk to key people in transport, find out more about them and delve into some of the current topics.

“It’s a great concept”, says Murph. “There is so much happening in transport but not a lot of time for people in the industry to connect. This podcast is a way to bring the topics to life and share the huge amount of knowledge and insights in the industry. I’m excited to be on board with this initiative”.

The podcast launches on Monday, 4th July with Murph talking to Matt Horan from Dynes Transport about the Great New Zealand Driver Shortage. The Depot is streaming on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio and will soon be on Google Podcasts too.

You can find more information at

Media contact: Kristen Wilson – AutoSense, Head of Marketing

027 243 3372

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