Our story

Autosense is on a mission to demystify driver training through the clever use of  technology that makes it easy to implement and manage driver awareness programmes. 

We make it easy for you to be compliant

We identify where the risk is so resources can be focused on training those that need it rather than having to deliver training to everyone, interrupting your business and costing you valuable resources. 

Autosense delivers step-by-step programmes to reduce risk, crashes and operational costs

It is well known that getting behind the wheel of a vehicle is one of the most dangerous activities an employee will undertake in the workplace.


As employers and directors, you have a duty of care under the Health and Safety in Employment Act to take all reasonable steps to protect employees and contractors from unnecessary risk or harm. By implementing clear policies and a comprehensive driver evaluation and education programme, with the use of the latest online risk assessment programmes and in-car evaluations, these risks can be considerably reduced.


The AutoSense programmes deliver clear safety outcomes along with measurable bottom-line savings. The savings resulting from our programme include lower insurance premiums, discounted ACC levies, lower crash repair bills, lower maintenance costs, lower fuel costs, improved productivity and less sick leave and/or temporary staff costs – not to mention reducing the substantial hidden costs of motor vehicle crashes.