We know there’s a lot going on for drivers in the transport industry. So, we’ve created a driver education seminar specifically for fleet operators and commercial drivers so you can learn how to be fit to drive, manage fatigue and distraction and embrace technology to help keep you (and others) safe on the road. 


It’s a seminar brought to you by specialists who understand your concerns and speak your language.

#EYESUPNZ Driver Education Seminars

Fatigue and distraction are major factors in road accidents. All too often accidents and the transport industry go hand in hand, this can often result in vehicles and goods being damaged or written off, people being hurt, or even worse lives being lost. Ideally you want to introduce technology that will prevent accidents before they happen.

AutoSense is doing just that and now with the backing of former professional racing car driver and road safety advocate Greg Murphy.


Join AutoSense CEO Charles Dawson on this interactive webinar as he discusses how they are revolutionising the industry through technology.


He will show customer case studies and talk about safety solutions for heavy and light vehicle commercial fleets and the prevention of fatigue and distraction using Guardian by Seeing Machines technology. 

Spark IoT webinar